Career Education Associates of North Central IL

CEANCI’s mission is to prepare and invest in all students for career and college through partnerships that build innovative regional opportunities.


Our business partners have spoken and we are responding ……. CEANCI is launching the Be Here Now initiative Fall 2016. The program focuses on teaching students the importance of dependability and reliability, or what we refer to at CEANCI as the triple threat –

Be Present, Be Prepared, Be Productive

We will be approaching this initiative with multiple strategies including quotes from our business partners, guest speakers in CTE classrooms, and an attendance tracker to acknowledge excellent attendance and timeliness. Students across the region will see, hear and experience the importance of quality work and performing consistently to ensure their future success in our community. As we’ve heard from our employers, “This isn’t a college and careers question, this is a survival discourse which is missing in the skill set of today’s workforce.”

To be a part of our initiative please contact Beth Mead, Community Outreach Coordinator, at email or phone (815) 921-1650. We look forward to sharing our student’s results.

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Future Top Chef Competition

The Future Top Chef culinary competition was held February 26, 27, 28 at The Rockford Country Club, Vintage 501 and Aero Ale House Byron.  High school Culinary Arts students from region high schools teamed up to create their own entrees and then prepare, cook and plate within a specified time frame.  Judges rated entrees based on appearance, correct doneness, moistness/tenderness, taste, creativity and plate presentation. Click here to watch the video and see some highlights.