Veterinary Technician


Wherever there are doctors, there are nurses.  The same goes for animal doctors.  Wherever there are vets there are vet techs who assist vets with the many tasks involved in treating animals of all sizes.  Veterinary techs work under the supervision of a vet and help with various aspects of animal care.  They restrain animals, perform lab work, take and process x-rays and assist with surgeries.  While animals are at a vet, techs are in charge of their daily care.

Vet techs can work in private clinics, laboratories, animal hospitals, boarding kennels, animal shelters, rescue leagues, and even zoos.

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•Rockford Career College
•28.5 college credits
•1 year program
•Prerequisite:  School counselor approval

Rockford Career College

Animal Science

Topics to be covered:
•Vet medical terminology
•Office management
•Large animal medical techniques
•Vet anatomy and physiology

Courses:  SS101, SS102, GEN129, VET114, VET131, VET127, VET109, VET113