CEANCI currently provides Career Cruising, an internet based career exploration and planning tool, to area students. Career Cruising includes: assessment tools to help identify student career interests, skills and learning styles; career profiles with direct links between careers and related college programs; college, university and apprenticeship information; employment guides with advice for all stages of the job search process; and a resume builder that helps the student create professional-looking resumes quickly and easily.

Unite! is fully integrated with Career Cruising’s guidance system, and allows students and job seekers of all ages to connect with local businesses and industry professionals. Local employers are invited to post company profiles, volunteer to be Career Coaches, and participate in Career Exploration Activities of their choosing. (Please click on the Career Exploration Activities link to view descriptions of the available activities)

Participation in unite! is free to businesses, and is easily tailored to your schedule and availability. To begin your profile, visit www.ilunite.org – go to Employers & Volunteers, and click “Join Now”. Please refer to the unite! registration guide for detailed instructions on completing your profile.

Local employers can create and maintain company profiles to describe their business, highlight their unique attributes, and
communicate their areas of need to future employees.

  • Detailed company profiles include: company description, location information, a list of occupations the company employs people in, details on career development activities (internships, job shadowing, co-op, etc.), a link to the company website, and a company message board
  • Students and job seekers can link directly from occupation information to the profiles of related companies, or search the company database using a number of helpful search options
  • Students and job seekers can post questions to company message boards to learn more

Career Coach message boards allow students and job seekers to connect with real people for career advice and encouragement. Students and job seekers can:

  • Better understand occupations they are interested in by submitting questions to Career Coaches – real working people who are interested in helping students and job seekers learn about their field of work
  • Post new questions, contribute to threaded discussions, and learn from past student posts and Career Coach responses
  • View Career Coaches’ biographies to learn about their background

Powerful communication tools enable companies, educators, and local system administrators to send targeted messages about
career development opportunities to those students and job seekers who most need the information

  • Companies can publicize career development activities, such as summer internships, to students and job seekers who have indicated interest in careers that they employ
  • Educators can communicate with employers to coordinate field trips, co-op placements, scholarship applications, etc.
  • System administrators, educators, and businesses send students and job seekers targeted messages through mediated communication to protect students and job seekers’ privacy

System administrators can include local information to highlight regional opportunities and address targeted workforce development needs. Unite! provides the online tools for system administrators to:

  • Post relevant articles
  • Publicize events and local programs
  • Create links to helpful reference material and community resources
  • Maintain local industry profiles

Students, job seekers and clients can:

  • Learn about career development activities in their community
  • Submit questions to real working people in all different careers and receive advice and encouragement
  • Submit questions to representatives from companies they are interested in to get the information they need right from the source
  • Receive targeted communication from employers about career opportunities that match their interests
  • Access local labor market information

Educators can:

  • Link school activities to local opportunities and organizations
  • Identify companies that offer the employment or career development activities their students and job seekers need
  • Connect with companies to coordinate field trips, internships, guest speakers, etc.
  • Easily track students and job seekers’ use of the unite! features
  • Communicate with students and job seekers about opportunities in their community

Employers can:

  • Create visibility for their company as students and job seekers explore their career options
  • Connect with the students and job seekers who are likely to be most interested in the career development activities (internships, site visits, co-op placements) they offer
  • Inform the future workforce about the occupations they employ and the attributes they look for when hiring
  • Promote the local community as a place to live and work, now and in the future