This page is full of resources for you!  CEANCI is here to help develop you and your program to be the best CTE program available to our region students.


Quality Components

A program of study provides students with a strong experience in and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of an industry. To create this quality educational experience, all CTE programs that receive grant funding must meet the nine quality criteria by no later than the start of Year 3, school year 2023. A deeper dive into the nine criteria can be found here. The current approved programs of study can be found here.

  1. Development and Engagement
  2. Employer-Informed Competencies and Skills
  3. Academic Instruction and Supports
  4. Recruitment and Access
  5. Instructional Sequence
  6. Work-Base Learning
  7. Instructors
  8. Facilities and Equipment
  9. Continuous Improvement


Quality Component Resources

1. Employer Informed Competencies and Skills – set of work tasks and employability skills prioritized by business partners in the CEANCI region.

2. Instructional Sequence – dual credit and/or industry credentials are among other requirements in this component.

3. Work Based Learning – local business partners, contact information, and list of career exploration activities partners are ready to provide to your students and to you.

4. Instructors – Illinois State Board of Education requires that teachers have specific endorsements to teach specific CIPs. CEANCI is ready to assist with licensure questions and processes to ensure that teachers have the correct credentials for CTE courses.

5. Continuous Improvement – CTE instructors, administrators, and counselors are encouraged to continue to grow as professionals so that they can better serve their students.

Grant Administration

CEANCI Board of Governors have approved the CTE Consolitdated Plan for the 2021 to 2025 school years. This plan is the framework for all region activities that utilize grant funds. Annually, individual high schools submit a plan to be approved by the System; grant plan and purchase list are in your high school’s Google folder – ask your CTE Director for access.

    Career Events

    All Work-Based Learning Events are in the planning phase.

    Please check back here often for updates.