Planning for Distance Learning in CTE

I’ve received multiple emails from CTE teachers asking, “I teach a hands-on class, any ideas?” My first thought is how important it is to stay connected with your students.  There are many tools to do that and I am positive that your district has been working on overdrive to ensure that these tools are available to you this fall. But, CTE is a special monkey- in many cases, it’s entire appeal is that there are no books or worksheets. It allows students the opportunity to work with their hands.  CTE education bridges the educational experience with the world of work – students can explore careers, build technical and professional skills, and create a blueprint for their future.  Career pathways (CTE) is an integral part of a students’ preparation for life after high school.

So, the question becomes, how do CTE instructors navigate a world that is a major paradigm shift from their unique mode of operation? At CEANCI, we want to provide you with resources to continue this important work.


Resources & Best Practices

Remote learning resources have been organized into three categories – Planning, Curriculum, and WBL & Career Readiness.  Whether links to lists of resources or specific lesson plan templates, the resources here are designed to assist the instructor in delivering CTE in a remote learning format. The following resources and opportunities have been accumulated to support your CTE programs in distance, blended and socially distanced learning environments.


There are two template that can be used to convert your in-person lessons into remote lessons.  Also included is a document that shares all different kinds of engagement strategies and forms for pacing remote lessons.


These resources lead to a website that has broken down curriculum into CTE content areas.  These websites from large school districts and state boards of education contain lesson plans, assignments, worksheets, and assessments – all free for you to access and use.

WBL & Career Readiness

These tools can be used to ensure that CTE students still have access to industry professionals through synchronous and asynchronous virtual work-base learning opportunities.  You will find everything from career videos to readiness activities that can be integrated into your remote learning lessons.

Career Events

All Work Based Learning Events are in the planning phase.

Please check back here often for updates.