Regional Programs – Top 10 FAQ

Please see your high school counselor; they are provided with a  wealth of information.

Regional Programs are a one year commitment.  Semester enrollment is not an option.

Dual credit is only allowed through programs provided by CEANCI and Rock Valley College.  Dual credit refers to ‘earning college credit and high school credit simultaneously.’

Please see your high school counselor.  In most cases, additional costs are not incurred upon students.

Regional Program schedules are established by the host (serving) high school.  Please refer to the ‘Regional Program information’ link for program schedules.  Your school counselor could also assist you with this information.

Unless your high school provides a school van or bus, students are responsible for transportation to the Regional Program site.

Each ofCEANCI’s ten school districts establish their own set of rules and regulations in regards to students enrolling in Regional Programs.  Please see your school counselor for the most up-to-date information.

If a student enrolls in a Regional Program, they must following the academic calendar of the host (serving) high school.

In the event of a necessary absence,it is imperative the student notifies their program instructor, their school counselor and the attendance officer at both the home high school and the host (serving) high school.

Regional Programs not only offer high school credit, they offer high school students the opportunity to participate in programs not offered by their home high school and last but not least, Regional Programs raise the academic bar to include advanced curriculum and challenging coursework.