Graphic Communications

Are you fascinated by the visual world?

Are you drawn to logos, illustrations, cartoons, and advertisements? You may be on your way to a graphic design major.

Graphic designers find innovative ways to visually communicate ideas, incorporating a range of media including digital imaging, photography, and illustration.

Job growth is expected to be 13 percent for individuals in graphic communications and digital media. Graphic communications and designers interested in the motion picture and video industries careers can expect job growth of 14 percent through 2018.

Explore Your Opportunities

  • Hononegah High School
  • High School Credit
  • Prerequisite: School Counselor Approval

Hononegah High School

Graphic Communications Year 1

Topics to be covered:

  • Digital design
  • Publishing
  • Imaging
  • Scanning and photography

Certification:  ACA Graphic Design and Illustration

Course: Introduction to Graphic Communications