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Unite! is an online platform, (accessed through Career Cruising) designed to connect career decision makers and employers. The program allows students and job seekers of all ages to gain insight into various careers by reading online profiles of local businesses, participating in experiential learning opportunities, posting questions to a career coach or on a company message board, and more.

Former Belvidere North Student, Dillon Chamberlain, visited Mrs. Bloome’s Business Class as Guest Speaker in December.  Dillon earned his MOS Master Certification while enrolled in Business courses at BNHS.  Dillon shared the importance of going into the workforce with certifications in addition to having a college degree.  He also spoke about being prepared for interviewing and the importance of balancing life with studies.

Every year, thousands of students in the CEANCI region earn industry-recognized certifications in their CTE courses . This value-add provides a gateway into  the world of work.

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A guide to work based learning from changetheequation.org

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CEANCI invites you to join us in investing in the future workforce, our students. We are confident that with a cohesive partnership, we will provide an informed, educated experience, which in turn will create a stronger workforce and community.