Dear CEANCI Community,

Over the last seven years, it has been my pleasure working with school districts to create access, alignment, efficiency and partnerships for high school students in Career and Technical Education programs.  It’s an exciting time to be in this education field, as CTE moves to play a vital role in helping American business close the skills gap by building a competitive workforce for the 21st Century.

We support over 100 CTE instructors at the 13 region high schools in our consortium – ultimately impacting over 8,000 high school students in any given year.  The grants that we administer provide state of the art technology and equipment, curriculum and materials, opportunities for students to earn industry credentials, access to business partners, professional development for instructors, and career exploration experiences for students.

This last year, CEANCI hosted 22 various events including our area students and some business partners. We obtained a 49% increase in new business partners, a 57% increase in career exploration activities and a 71% increase in career coaches who answered career questions from students.  These increases produced more business to student contact than ever before and we are already developing future programing and events to continue this growth.

In conclusion, our last year we adopted a new Strategic Plan focused on the development of Career Pathway systems that will jump start our students into post-secondary education and other training options while they are still attending high school. CEANCI’s new plan ensures we continue to push our students to advance to higher levels of education and employment opportunities located in the northern Illinois region.  Come join us and help shape your community’s workforce.

-Margie Hartfiel

System Director 

Margie Hartfiel
(815) 921-1651

Strategic Plan

This document is a strategic plan created by the Career Education Associates of North Central Illinois member districts of Belvidere-District 100, Byron-District 226, Harlem-District 122, Hononegah-District 207, Meridian-District 223, North Boone-District 200, Oregon-District 220, Rockford-District 205, South Beloit-District 320, Winnebago-District 323, Rock Valley College and the Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education to serve as a long-term guide for the CEANCI organization. It involves major initiatives in five areas: regional programming, curriculum alignment and relevancy, partnership engagement, fiscal responsibility, and internal and external communication with stakeholders.

Download our Strategic Plan