More Microsoft Office Certifications Earned in Office Applications Classes.

Congratulations to the 32 students in Office Applications classes who earned their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications in Excel last month. This is the first semester the Excel test has been offered in the Office Applications class. These classes will also have the opportunity to earn their MOS certifications in Word at the end of the semester. Ms. Bowman and the Business department would like to congratulate the students for their hard work. Great Job!!

Nate Nichols, John Poirier, Jacob Leet, Cody Linstead, Ashley Nyren, Zach Wahl, Alicia Woods, Luke Littlefield, Breanna Pierson, Alyssa Skoglund, Orin Pilcher, Thomas Cope, Brittany Devine, Brandon Clark, Sana Ali, Eric Fox, Allison Staman, Vanessa Dingillo, Unique Gulley, Rylee Abrahamson, Margaret Strote, Alec Baloun, Ariel Peacey, Brooke Slocum, Kaitlin Engelke, Kendra Heath, Michael Satek, Brianna Tresemer, Jack Haas, Will Sieracki, Brittany Kahle, and Aileen O’Campo.