Someone Needs to Design and Build Things!

Why Not You? 

Engineers work to solve global problems such as world hunger, clean water, protecting the environment and improving the quality of everyday life. Lead the effort to innovate and make the world a better place. This is what engineers do. They build hardware. They build every single device we use, from remote controls to rockets and trains to televisions!

Engineering jobs are expected to increase by 11 percent while computer engineer is expected to grow 3-4 percent.  Mechanical, Civil engineers who manage projects to rebuild infrastructure, is expected to grow nearly 20 percent by 2020.

Explore Your Opportunities:

  • Rock Valley College, Hononegah High School, Winnebago High School
  • College and High School Credit Earned
  • 2 Year Program
  • Prerequisites: School Counselor Approval and Accuplacer Scores

Rock Valley College

Sustainable Energy

Topics to be covered:

  • Renewable energy-electrical-generation systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • Power supplies
  • Solar modules, wind turbines
  • Fuel cell characteristics

EET 141, EET 105 (SEM 1)
EET 142, EET 190 (SEM 2)

Hononegah High School   
Winnebago High School  

Project Lead the Way  Year 1

Topics to be covered:

  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Animated 3D modeling
  • Automoblox reverse engineering
  • Produce prototypes

Course: Introduction to Engineering Design

Hononegah High School  
Winnebago High School  

Project Lead the Way  Year 2

Topics to be covered:

  • Energy sources and applications
  • Machine systems
  • Fluid power
  • Testing material strength and durability

Course: Principles of Engineering